How SDI Can Help

SDI helps clients make objective evaluations of needs, and then select the most appropriate technologies and vendors to meet these needs. We are not tied to any vendors. We are compensated solely for our expertise and advice, and do not accept commissions from vendors.

SDI can help you clarify your objectives and articulate your requirements. There are no “one size fits all” solutions – each property is different, and condo boards and business owners have different objectives.

It’s especially important to understand the expectations of technology users. Are they condo owners, vacationers, or a mix of both? How many devices will they connect now, and how many in the future? Where will they use these devices? Will they need help connecting them to the Wi-Fi network? What applications will they use? How much “Internet bandwidth” will they need? How tolerant are they of system outages? What response speed do they expect when something goes wrong? 

Once the needs are articulated, SDI can evaluate technology systems currently in place, and identify the sources of problems and the potential for future use. It may be more appropriate to buy or lease new technologies and services. If so, we can recommend the appropriate technologies and potential vendors. We can qualify potential vendors, write requests for proposals, and evaluate the vendor responses.

Finally, we can frame the decision-making process to select the technology and service vendors. After installation is completed, we can validate that the installation was done in conformance with the specifications.