Technology Assistance for Pointe Santo

Since becoming an owner in 2005, Dave Waks has provided technology assistance to Pointe Santo as Chief Technology Officer and chair of the IT/Website Committee.  He has been a Board member since January 2007.

Next-generation Wi-Fi (2005-Present)

Dave has been responsible for Pointe Santo's Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet since 2005

  • Led ongoing project to provide reliable and cost-effective high-speed Internet access for Association office and Wi-Fi for complex owners and guests.
  • Documented computer and data networking infrastructure used for office and Wi-Fi. 
  • Identified serious deficiencies in data network reliability. Engineered and oversaw installation of Category 5 cabling between buildings. Replaced and configured internal system components.
  • Identified performance, reliability and capacity limitations of existing consumer-grade Wi-Fi components, and proposed major upgrade to Board.
  • Identified potential vendors for latest-generation hospitality-grade Wi-Fi and obtained proposals from each.
  • Evaluated proposals and selected vendors for components and installation
  • Oversaw installation and switchover of Wi-Fi system.
  • Established network monitoring system to measure and log Wi-Fi usage and performance, and to alarm on component failures.
  • Selected vendor to provide 24x7 user support and network monitoring; negotiated contract with vendor. Act as second-tier contact for vendor (Pointe Santo management is first-tier contact).
  • Redesigned network infrastructure to improve Wi-Fi coverage and capacity.
  • Selected second Internet Access Provider (ISP) to provide redundant Internet access to minimize outages.
  • Upgraded system as needed to maintain reliability and performance. 
  • Now responsible for planning and implementation of Multimedia Cabling Project.

Next-generation Internet Access (2011)

Dave led a project to select a new provider of high-speed Internet access.

  • Needed to find an alternate provider for high-speed Internet access when Comcast announced that Associations could no longer use cable modems to provide Wi-Fi for complex.
  • Identified alternate providers using DSL, fiber and wireless technologies.
  • Solicited and obtained bids from four providers.
  • Selected providers and oversaw installation and changeover.
  • Replaced and reconfigured all networking equipment with high-reliability components and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
  • Established multiple paths for Internet access to provide operational redundancy and fallback in case of network outage.
  • To prepare for future growth in demand (number of devices and usage per device), established network monitoring system to measure and log device counts and data traffic.

Next-generation Bulk Video Services (2011)

Dave led a project to select the provider of bulk video service, and potentially other broadband services.

  • Comcast bulk video agreement was up for renewal in mid-2011, providing the opportunity to evaluate alternate suppliers.
  • Identified alternate suppliers using cable, satellite and fiber distribution for video, voice and data; acted as primary point of contact with suppliers throughout the project.
  • Created formal Request for Proposal soliciting proposals for video, telephone and Internet services for the complex and for individual condo units. 
  • Participated in on-site surveys with potential vendors.
  • Articulated evaluation criteria for vendor selection
  • Led effort with other owners who interviewed customers of alternate providers, obtained financial information, compared channel lineups, evaluated contract terms and conditions, and provided “apples to apples” comparison of Association and owner costs over the term of the proposed contracts. 
  • Briefed the Board on the project in several Board meetings and conference calls.
  • Prepared the final evaluation matrix for the Board and led the Board meeting to make vendor selection.
  • Worked with attorney to negotiate changes to proposed contract terms.

Websites and Databases (2005 to present)

Dave is responsible for the development and maintenance of Pointe Santo's public and private websites and the master database for the condo association.

  • At Board’s request, developed specifications for private owner website with online owner directory.
  • Contracted for development of website, oversaw development, created initial content. (2006)
  • Maintained website content and online database. 
  • Led effort to migrate owner database and website to another vendor. New version enables condo owners and association administration to maintain the owner database.
  • Led effort to upgrade the public website and add condo rental listings. 
  • New website technology permits multiple owner volunteers to maintain the public and owner website content, and permits owners to maintain their own rental listings.