Welcome to System Dynamics Inc.

System Dynamics Inc. (SDI) helps condominium associations and vacation rental properties select and install emerging information technologies such as high-speed Internet and Wi-Fi.

It has become increasingly difficult to make good choices when dealing with emerging technologies. Technology changes constantly. New mobile devices and smart TVs make the choices more complex. Vendors may not understand how technologies like Wi-Fi will work in your environment. Equipment tends to become obsolete soon after it’s installed.

SDI can help you clarify your objectives and articulate your requirements.  We can identify the appropriate technologies and potential vendors, write requests for proposals, and evaluate the vendor responses. Finally, we can frame the management decision-making process and validate the installation.

SDI’s principals have spent many years working with advanced technologies, and have assisted many organizations in their evaluation of emerging technologies and the evaluation and selection of vendors. During the past ten years we have assisted condo associations in the evaluation of Internet, Wi-Fi, video and telephone services for use by condo owners and rental guests.